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Bucas Irish Stable Blanket - 50g

Bucas Irish Stable Blanket - 50g

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The classically designed Irish Stable range of rugs combines superb value, durability and comfort. It has a rip-stop 600 denier outer fabric and a Silk-feel lining. Secure T-bar with magnetic Snap-lock fastening and shoulder darts for extra room makes the Irish Stable a robust yet comfortable choice for your horse.

The stable rug comes in two weight with the Irish Stable 300 having 300g insulation and Silk-feel lining and the Irish Stable 50 having 50g insulation and Silk-feel lining.

Available in:

  • Irish Stable Light/50gr
  • Irish Stable 300gr (special Order)
Silk-feel lining is smooth against your horse’s skin and helps keep the coat in good condition.

Ripstop is the pattern of the weave that makes the material less prone to tearing. This weave helps prevent any rips that do occur from spreading through the material.

Layer system means that this rug can be used with other Bucas rugs as to double up the insulation with the combination of the rugs together.

Shoulder Darts helps to give your horse a more tailored fit across the chest and shoulder area. These are a signature design feature from Bucas.

Snap-lock magnetic closure help keep you Bucas rug secure on your horse. It eliminates the use of Hook & Loop closures on the chest making it a more comfortable fit for your horse.

T-bar front closures to help keep your Bucas rug secure on your horse.

Fillet string prevents our rug from flipping up your horses back while they relax in their field. It also helps to secure your rug on our horse.


  • Rip-stop outer
  • Tail Cord
  • Deluxe Leg Straps
  • T-bar with Snap-lock closure
  • Silk-feel lining
  • Shoulder darts
  • Attachments for Leg Straps
  • Cross surcingles
  • Can be used with Bucas Quilts & Coolers
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