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Bucas Quilt 300g

Bucas Quilt 300g

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The Bucas Quilts are a super versatile stable rug that can be used on their own or as an extra layer underneath a Bucas turnout or Bucas stable rug. The Quilt Neck is available to complete the Quilt and is sold separately.

Available with either 300g, 150g, or 50g of insulation and two different linings. SD, Stay-dry lining which can be put on a wet horse and the Stay-dry material will wick the moisture quicker from the horses skin helping to dry the horse quicker and SF, Silk-feel/Dermo-care lining which works simular to the Stay-dry lining in that it wicks away the moisture but at a slower rate then the fleece and keeps the coat silky smooth.

The Bucas Quilt Big Neck is a great rug for stallions and breeds of horses that tend to be wider across the shoulders like Friesians, Andalusian and Draughts.

Available with the following insulations and lining:

Bucas Quilt 300 SD – 300g of insulation and Stay-dry lining

Bucas Quilt 150 SD – 150g of insulation and Stay-dry lining

Bucas Quilt 300 SF – 300g of insulation and Dermo-care lining

Bucas Quilt 150 SF – 150g of insulation and Dermo -care lining

Bucas Quilt 50 SF- 50g insulation and Dermo-care lining

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