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Canpressco Canadian Camelina Oil 3 Sizes!

Canpressco Canadian Camelina Oil 3 Sizes!

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Trusted. Traceable. Sustainable.

At Canpressco, we strive to grow and press the highest quality of camelina oil for our customers. We are committed to offering transparent supply and knowledgable customer service in every interaction that we have.

  • ancient Non-GMO oilseed
  • powerful source of Omega-3
  • all natural; cold pressed
  • balanced Omega-3 to Omega-6 profile
  • transparent roots

Grown & Made in Canada

Our Promise To You

Canpressco believes that every companion animal should benefit from a healthy diet and as an owner, you should understand where their food and supplements come from and how it is made.

Our dedication to minimal processing lets the natural goodness of our Camelina Oil shine through, providing nourishing food for all your four-legged family members.

For passionate animal lovers, Canpressco Camelina Oil is the balanced Omega 3, 6 and 9 supplement that allows you to maintain your animal's health naturally.

It is a cold-pressed single ingredient oil sustainably grown by Canadian farmers committed to providing the highest quality, all-natural foods from their family farms.

Nothing more. Nothing less.

Omega-3 Supplementation In Your Animals

Dietary balance of Omega-3 and Omega-6 is very important. Both nutrients have important functions within the body, and balancing the two is imperative in order for them to function appropriately.

Omega-3 dietary supplementation has been shown to:

  • Improve the quality of their skin and hair coat
  • Decrease joint pain in horses that suffer from arthritis
  • Improve bone structure
  • Help prevent ulcers
  • Help with allergic hyperactivity
  • Have anti-inflammatory effects


Camelina and Vitamin E

Camelina has a high level of natural anti-oxidants in the form of Vitamin E. Vitamin E can be broken down into its chemical components called tocopherols. The following is the breakdown of Camelina Oil into its different tocopherol components:

  • Alpha-tocopherol: 30 – 40 mg/kg
  • Gamma –tocopherol: 720 – 740 mg/kg
  • Delta-tocopherol: 10 – 20 mg/kg

Of these tocopherols, gamma has the strongest anti-oxidant effects in polyunsaturated oils such as Camelina Oil. Typically, the more unsaturated the oil, the more prone it is to oxidation, hence a shorter shelf life. However, the high concentration of the gamma-tocopherol in camelina improves the oil's stability in comparison to other oils with similar levels of unsaturated fatty acids, improving its shelf life.

Storage and Shelf Life

The shelf life of camelina oil is 2 years from press date when stored appropriately. This extensive shelf life helps guarantee fresh product through the life of your product.

Light is very detrimental to cold pressed oils so it is advised to store camelina in tinted or solid colored containers. Refrigeration is not required but it is optional and may help ward off rancidity.

Do keep in mind that once a container is open, the more head space within the container to allow for oxygen, the faster the oil will break down. Therefore we recommend regular use of the product and if there is concern, you can transfer the contents to a smaller container as you move through the life of the product.

About Canpressco

Canpressco Products was the driving force behind gaining novel foods status for Camelina Oil in Canada. Through our activities in the Canadian grocery marketplace, we soon realized the value this cold pressed oil has in the animal market.

We are proud to offer a Canadian grown and made Camelina Oil. Our processing procedures have been carefully designed to ensure the delicate scent and flavor of the camelina is not damaged during pressing and that the Omega-3 and Vitamin E remains fully intact throughout processing.

Our camelina oil is guaranteed to be fresh as we press on a monthly basis. Our seed is cleaned to the highest of standards to ensure no contamination or foreign seed oils are present in the product.

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