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Quistel Organic Bio-restoring Horse & Pony Spray Lotion

Quistel Organic Bio-restoring Horse & Pony Spray Lotion

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Quistel’s Organic Bio-restoring Spray Lotion has been specifically formulated for topical use on your horse’s sensitive skin.  It can be used at any time on any area of the skin or coat that might be causing you concern.

The lotion can also be used as therapeutic spray to instantly relieve the distress caused by allergies, hot spots, eczemas, bites, sores and itches.

This great grooming accessory can also be used to aid in hair growth.

-Maintains and enhances the inherent integrity of the coat and skin to meet the exacting standards of show winners.

-Organically disinfects.

-Leaves the coat naturally glowing and clean - the skin naturally soothed and calm.

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