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Fleck IMPULS ErgoBalance Dressage Whip 110cm - CLEARANCE

Fleck IMPULS ErgoBalance Dressage Whip 110cm - CLEARANCE

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A Dressage whip hand crafted by Fleck; one of the leading experts in producing riding and lunging whips. With over 100 years of experience, Fleck use premium grips and materials resulting in effective use from perfectly balanced whips.

The innovate IMPLUS! concept provides an impressive and unique design across its range of whips. It was created in collaboration with sports physiotherapists, top dressage riders and a team of well known sports equipment designers for the ultimate whip and developed specifically for dressage and amateur riders.
The Ergo Balanced grip provides riders with several hold positions, different material surfaces allow the hand to glide while still providing a firm grip. The whip itself has a flexible nylon weave shaft with a lash end.

110cm / Black with Silver, Grey & Orange

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