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Futura Pro Scoop Fork - Assorted Colours - Head Only

Futura Pro Scoop Fork - Assorted Colours - Head Only

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Holds 20% more than standard forks! Ultra lightweight and easy to use.  

This Head Holds More Manure, Making Your Cleaning Job Even Quicker!

Higher curved edges allow for larger scoops when cleaning stalls without the loss of manure along the edges, holding more manure, making your job more efficient and quicker.  Super strong reinforced rounded head that handles a large amount of bedding, making your job much faster and easier. Head is shaped correctly for less back strain. Just scoop the stall and shake or gently tap the bottom. The shavings will fall out and the manure stays on the fork head. Also, much faster for spreading new bedding. Canadian made Handle not included, but is available. 

Incredible selection of Colours: Black, Lime, Hot and regular pink, Navy, Orange, Purple, Red, Royal and TURQUOISE!

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