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Winderen Half Pad Dressage Slim (10mm) Coal

Winderen Half Pad Dressage Slim (10mm) Coal

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 Considerable reduction of pressure spots
 Improved saddle fit
 Muscle support

Winderen - Back Protect Solution

The Winderen Saddle Half Pad with Back Protect Solution technology was designed to make you feel relaxed in the saddle while protecting both your and your horse’s back. Five technologically advanced layers provide you with maximum comfort, stability and enhance your riding experience by connecting horse and rider in complete harmony. See how we combined cutting-edge technology with elegance and comfort.

Winderen half pad for dressage saddle

Benefits for the Horse

Perfect fit under the saddle
Perfect Fit

The significant spot pressure reduction and the even load distribution on the horse's back make your saddle fit properly.

Muscle support for horses
Muscle Support

The muscles along your horse's back can now loosen and tighten much more easily during your everyday training sessions.

Half pad for that increses the horse's movement

Your horse moves freely and easily in each gait.

Shock absorbing half pad for horses
Dynamically Reduced Pressure

The pressure on your horse’s back when taking off and landing during jumping is significantly reduced.

Half pad for jumping

Benefits for the Rider

Winderen half pad under the saddle
Ergonomic Design

Your back muscles work more freely when riding and jumping.

Dressage horse in the field
Minimized tension

You will suffer from much less back and neck pain after training sessions or competitions.

Half pad for dressage saddle
Saddle Stability

Minimized instability effect.




    Replaceable, wear and tear-resistant, and durable - the upper shell protects the rest of the layers from external factors and prevents the Saddle Half Pad from moving and slipping underneath the saddle.



    This modern material is used to increase the surface of the saddle in contact with the horse's back and thereby stabilizes the saddle. This layer helps to compensate for the horse's body structure when the saddle does not fit properly.



    This non-Newtonian material used in modern military industries is highly flexible and offers a substantial ability to store and absorb kinetic energy. It is used to capture excess energy generated while riding.



    The synthetic biomechanical connective tissue designed to protect the muscles under the pad reduces the forces acting on the muscles along the horse's back and to facilitate their loosening and development.



    This layer has been designed to make the Back Protect Solution Saddle Half Pad stay firmly on the saddle cloth preventing the saddle from slipping. The porous structure of the Kevlar mesh ensures that the system of absorbers is supplied with fresh air protecting it against moisture.

How does the Winderen saddle half pad work?

Why does it have such spectacular effects on horses and their riders?

We present a video of our laboratory tests on Winderen Back Protect Solution half pads, demonstrating that their efficiency in terms of distribution and energy absorption is much greater than that of traditional solutions such as sheepskin pads or gel pads.

Significant parts of the energy have been dissipated and absorbed.

Innovative half pad with five technologically advanced layers

Available in two thicknesses

Winderen half pad comfort
Back Protect Solution - Comfort

The Winderen Saddle Half-Pad Comfort (18 mm / 0,7” thick) suits most saddles.

Winderen half pad slim
Back Protect Solution - Slim

The Winderen Saddle Half-Pad Slim (10 mm / 0.4” thick) was requested by riders with custom-made saddles and was designed for their special requirements.

Colours of winderen half pad


Replaceable Upper Shell

By introducing a system of replaceable covers in different colours, you can use the same Winderen Saddle Half Pad both for training sessions and competitions while being sure it always looks best.

Cut-open Withers

The Back Protect Solution Saddle Half Pad for horses has been designed to provide maximum comfort, to allow free movement and to reduce the pressure on the spinous processes of the spine.

Sizes of Winderen half pad
Easy to Maintain

The dirt resistance of the upper shell makes the pad easy to maintain. You can clean it with a moistened sponge or wash it (after removing the inside layers) at a temperature of 30˚C.

Sizes of Your Choice

Within our selection of sizes you can choose a matching pad that perfectly fits your saddle.


Winderen dressage half pad size chart
Winderen jumping half pad size chart
Winderen pony half pad size chart

Anna Jasińska - Kaźmierczak - Veterinary Doctor

“I work with horses on a daily basis using manual therapy and acupuncture. There are many methods that try to solve the problems with spine muscles but the key to success lies in a perfect fit of the saddle and a free muscle movement. I observed the process of the Winderen - Back Protect Solution Pad from its beginning. The pad has been simultaneously tested on three of my horsey patients. I knew the horses that were selected for the tests very well - when I started to work with them, they all had problems with proper development of spinal muscles as well as with relaxation during the training. We started the tests in July 2016. After 6 weeks of using Winderen - Back Protect Solution Pads, the backs of my horsey patients changed significantly. There was an increase in muscle mass in the quadriceps muscles, parallelogram muscles and the longest muscles of the back, and the softness of the muscles in the thoracic and lumbar region of the spine subsided. After three months, the back muscles of my patients reached a very satisfactory level, and all ailments disappeared. These horses are continuously working the with Winderen - Back Protect Solution Pads and I have been examining them on a regular basis to date. The most pleasant fact for me as a veterinarian is that the back of my patients is maintained at the correct level. All those horses became apparently more relaxed both while being trained under the saddle and on the lunge line. Undoubtedly the Winderen Saddle Half Pad with Back Protect Solution is a product I have not yet seen on the market".

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